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Cala Millor, Majorca (Mallorca), Balearic Islands, Spain

Cala Millor Description

Cala Millor's beutiful Promenade with one of it's many bar / restaurants on the left

Cala Millor's beutiful Promenade with one of it's many bar / restaurants on the left


With it's long beach Cala Millor is one of the most popular resorts on Mallorca, Majorca to the Brits.


For a pleasant walk, stroll along the front to the North  and visit the resorts of Cala Bona & Port Nous. There are pleanty of bars and restaurants if you want a thirst quensure, snack or meal along the way.

These three resorts form one continuous super resort stretching 7 kilometres along the sea front. After a very short gap is the resort of San Jordi.


To the South are the resorst of  Sa Coma merged with S'Illiott and seperated from Cala Millor by the headland Punta de N'Amer with it's castle Es Castell de sa Punta de N'Amer

Cala Millor Location

Cala Millor is located on the East coast of Mallorca (Majorca in Brit speak) about 20 kilometres south of the main Easterly coast tip. Zoom out on our Cala Millor Map to see it's location


The neighbouring resort of Cala Bona with its colourful harbour, waterside cafes and restaurants is only a short trip along the promenade. Alternatively head south and take a robust walk to Punta de n'Amer nature reserve and the 17th century watchtower above. Then have a well deserved drink at the summit and take in the views.


Transfer time
1 hour 40 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes

Cala Millor sits on Majorca's pretty east coast, with Cala Bona and Sa Coma. Its a diverse resort with much to offer to all visitors, particularly those seeking a modern, exciting destination.

Cala Millor Beach

Cala Millor Blue Flag beach

Cala Millor Blue Flag beach



The long beach at Cala Millor, one of the best on the island, is particularly suitable for families. It has wide gentle sloping sands providing worry-free bathing for all the family and 4 lifeguard stations open July to mid September then a limited service May, June & Octobe


6 shower points are located along it's length.


Sun beds, parasols are available in various areas of the beach especialy in the wider sections



Most of the beach is of fine sand , but as you approch Cala Bona you come to a rocky section for about 800 metres then the beach starts again in Cala Bona.


The beach is backed by a promenade that continues past cala Millor into Cala Bona and beyond



There is a plentiful supply of bars, restaurants, cafe and shops all along the sea front.


Boat trips from the jetties



Cala Millor Promenade with boat Jetties in the background - Boat trips

Cala Millor Promenade with boat Jetties in the background - Boat trips


Princesa de la Mar

Princesa de la Mar

Sea Odyssey

Sea Odyssey

2 of the boats belonging to illabalear.



A wide selection of boat trips are available from the jetties between Cala Millor ans Cala Bono. These include glass bottom boats and ferries that run between the east coast resorts and beauty spots

  • Cala Ratjada
  • Porto Cristo
  • Cala Millor
  • Calles de Mallorca
  • Cala Romantica
  • Sa Coma





Cala Millor Sail Boarding

Cala Millor Sail Boarding


Pedlos are available along with various watersports

Cala Millor Shopping

There are some boutiques and jewellery shops in Cala Millor, but for more impressive shopping head to the Monday market in Manacor 15-20 kilometres inland. Manacor also has a pearl factory.


There is a bus service to Manacor which is a regional transport hub.  The main connection is to the capital Palma with fabulous shopping in its ultra modern shops, stores and boutiques, there is even a C&A's store.


There is both bus and train trasport between Manacor & Palma.Trasport

Bars & Nightlife in Cala Millor

Of its nearest neighbours, Cala Bona and Sa Coma, Cala Millor is by far the liveliest, with a few discos to court the late-night crowd (though even here, spring and late summer are quieter).

There are plenty of British Bars and most of them provide evening entertainment that can include live music, professional entertainers, quizzes, karaoke, bingo and tv style game shows.

Hipotels Tennis Centre

Hipotels Tennis Centre is located at the Hipocampo Palace Hotel and has 6 clay tennis courts with professional instruction for adults and children. There is also a Spa, gym and beauty saloon


There are special offers for groups & families and also discounts for residents staying in one of the many hipotels hotels in the resort

Cala Millor Restaurants

Cala Millor Promenade Cafe

Cala Millor Promenade restaurant / Cafe / Bar


There are plenty of good fish restaurants, some also serving international cuisine. They are quite spread out along the seafront so leave plenty of time to make a choice.

Scuba Diving

There is scuba school, Albatros Diving, in Cala Bona that provides a Cala Millor hotel or apartment free pick up service

Punta de N'Amer

Cala Millor Punta de N'Amer

Cala Millor Punta de N'Amer in the background


The headland of Punta de N'Amer is an area of special interest by the Balearic Islants government. The 200 hectares are extremly attractivewith a mixed landscape of sand dune and pine forestation, along with the added attractin of it's small castle and fabulous views.

Watchtower 'Es Castell de sa Punta de N'Amer'

Located on the tip of the headland Punta de N'Amer is the small square semi sunken fort set in the bottom of a dry moat. This square fortification was built towards the end of the 17th century as a devesive tower against pirates. The 35 metre high fort houses a small museum. The battlments have room for 2 cannon on each side and defensive measures above the entrance that has a narrow drawbridge

Mini Train (Tren) & buses

A tourist mini train, and the local buses and longer distance buses runs along the main roads that run the full length of the resorts of Cala Millor and Cala Bona.


In the wide area the mini train deviates from the bus route and goes further inland when travelling towards Cala Bona


Where there is one way traffic the routesobviously vary vary in the 2 directions

Tourist Information Offices in Cala Millor

Son Servera areaTourist Information Office



Paseo MarĂ­ti, 07560. Cala Millor
Telephone: 971 585 864

May also have information for Cala Bona


See Location of information office on our Cala Millor Map 


Sant Llorenc areaTourist Information Office



Street Badia de Llevant, 2. 07560 Cala Millor

Telephone: 971 585 409

Located at Parc de la Mar the massive sea front roundabout .

May also have information for Sa Coma & s'Illot

See Location of information office on our Cala Millor Map 


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