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Marbella Tourist information & resort guide


Description of Marbella

Marbella as from the 1960's enjoyed more elegant visitors, gaining a reputation as the smartest resort on the Costa del Sol. This has been promoted by the local authorities and there are more top quality cars per head of population than anywhere in Europe, In the long run this means that the resort is more expensive to either live in or visit than other resorts on the Costa del Sol, and is a jet set resort.

Marbella boasts a Millionaires mile where the rich & famous have there holiday homes.

Marbella's stretch of coast is called the Golden Mile

Fabulous beaches, magnificent church, beautiful seafront and a vast array of restaurants, cafes, bar , pubs, nightclubs and alway popular Spanish tapas bars Marbella has it all.


Marbella beach

Marbella beach

Marbella seafront restaurant

Marbella seafront restaurant

Tapas Bar Marbella

Tapas Bar Marbella

Location of Marbella

  • Located on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia, roughly half way between Malaga 56km to the east & Gibraltar to the south west

Transfer time Airport Marbella

Approximate package holiday coach transfer time 1 hour 30 minutes

Attractions in Marbella

Arab Castle of Marbella (Murales Del Castillo)



The castle was built from the stone of the older Roman town of  in the same location, and noticeable Roman architecture such as pieces of pillars can be seen in the walls.

Originally the castle was built in the 10th century by the an Arab Caliph as a 90 x 160 metre rectangle.

In the 14th century the castle was enlarged and the surrounding walled town covered an area of 90,000 square metres.


The Moors changed the towns name from Salduba (Salt City) to Marbil La and after it's fall to the Spanish Christian army in 1845 the name changed to Marbella

The walls & castle are the only remains of the Muslim town.

See Arab Castle location on our Marbella Map  


Basilica Vega del Mar



  • Built in the 4th century by Visigoth's is a Paleochristian church
  • Bus route 45
  • Address: Urbanizacion Linda Vista Baja, San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella, 29600


Bonsai Tree Museum (Museo del Bonsai)



The Museo del Bonsai contains a large & beautiful collection of fabulously groomed miniature trees some of which are quite large bonsai trees. There are also rock plantings and a landscaped oriental feel.

Some of the trees are naturally dwarfed by the conditions in the Spanish mountains.

Open daily 10:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 19:00. 

Located in the vast Parque Arroyo de la Represa,

See Bonsai Tree Museum location on our Marbella Map  


Bovedas Watch Tower (Torre de Bovedas)



  • A round watchtower Located  on the coast half way between Marbella & Estapona in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella, 29678

See Bovedas Watch Tower location on our Marbella Map  


Del Duque Watch Tower (Torre del Duque)



  • A square watchtower Located  on the coast 40 metres from Plaza Beach and 150 metres east of Puerto Banus marina
  • The tower was originally built around the 10th century by the Moors and later rebuilt in the 16th century by the Christians for coastal defence mainly against Barbary pirates.

See Del Duque Watch Tower location on our Marbella Map  


Fort of San Luis (Fuerte de San Luis de Marbella)



The fortress was built in 1554 by Charles V.  

Within the fort are:

  • Church of the Holy Christ of the True Cross (Iglesia del Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz)
  • Calvary Chapel (Ermita del Calvario)


Marbella Bull Ring in (Plaza de Toros de Marbella)



  • Probably the best bullring on the Costa del Sol with bull fights every Sunday evening. It is also used for other events such as concerts, theatrical shows and anything that requires a large audience.
  • The Plaza de Toros de Marbella has a capacity for 9500 people and opened in 1964.
  • The bullring is open from 10 am to 2 pm for sightseeing.

Address Plaza de Toros de Marbella, C/ Salduba, s/n, Marbella (29603) Malaga

Located at Av. de la Reina Victoria with the junction of Calle Felipe II on google maps

See Bull Ring location on our Marbella Map  


Roman Baths



  • Roman baths remains
  • Bus route 45


Parque Auditorio de la Constitucion



  • A beautiful park a few minutes walk from the sea front
  • Address:Avenida de La Fontanilla, s/n, Marbella, 29600

See Auditorio de la Constitucion location on our Marbella Map 


Old Roman Bridge



The bridge was located on the Via Augusta a Roman main road that conected Cadiz to Rome


Orange Square (Plaza de los Naranjo)



Restaurants in Orange Square


The Plaza de los Naranjo, Orange Square in English is the main square in the centre of Marbelas Old Town.  It is crambed full of restaurants & bar cafes and although overpriced is extremly popular with an enjoyable atmosphere amongs the square's trees.

One of the best times of the year is late on when the orange trees are in full blossom & leven ater on when full as the oranges.

Most of the buildings in Orange Square were built in the 15 & 16th century.


Attractions within Orange Square:

  • The Seville Orange Trees, the bitter orange that is used for Marmalade.
  • Casa del Corregidor built in 1552, now a restaurant using the same name.. Look at the upper 2 floors, especially the stonework behind the larger balcony & the 4 arched windows on the top floor.
  • The  Town Hall
  • Marbella Official Tourist Information Office. Look above the door to see the Sundial on the wall.
  • Centrally in the quare is the bronze bust of King Carlos I.
  • Magistrates Court
  • Chapel of Santiago
  • 16th century Fountain
  • Very popular place to be on New Year's Eve

See location of Orange Square on our Marbela Map


The Town Hall(Ayuntamiento)




Villa Romana de Rio Verde



  • Ruins of an ancient villa built around the 12th century
  • Bus route 45
  • Address: San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella, 26678

Marbella Beaches

Marbella has some wonderful sandy beaches that are ideal for either relaxing in the sun or taking up some of the water sports on offer.

El Cable Beach (Playa El Cable) | El Faro Beach (Playa El Faro)

La Bajadilla Beach (Playa La Bajadilla)

La Fontanilla Beach (Playa de la Fontanilla) | Casablanca Beach (Playa de Casablanca) |
Nagueles Beach (Playa de Nagueles)

Nikki Beach Club | Funny Beach Watersports, Beach club, Karting, & Fun park


El Cable Beach (Playa El Cable)



Playa El Cable is a popular beach 1,300 metres long and about 100 metres wide next to the harbour wall tapering to nothing as you go eastwards.

Located immediately east of the marina, Puerto Pesquero de Marbella

See El Faro Beach location on our Marbella Map  


El Faro Beach (Playa El Faro)



Playa El Faro Marbella

Playa El Faro Marbella


Located next to the Marina

  • A small 300 metres c 30 metre  beach that is very popular beach with plenty of facilities
  • Protected by breakwaters & the harbour wall

See El Faro Beach location on our Marbella Map  


La Bajadilla Beach (Playa La Bajadilla)



  • A sandy beach  700 X 40 metres

Located immediately west of the marina & next to the entrance to the marina, Puerto Pesquero de Marbella

See La Bajadilla Beach location on our Marbella Map  


La Fontanilla Beach (Playa de la Fontanilla)



La Fontanilla Beach is a narrower beach, 30 metres wide X 850 metres long


  • Playa de la Fontanilla is a more secluded beach of imported sand protected by breakwaters


Casablanca Beach  (Playa de Casablanca)



  • A much quieter beach
  • Great if you want to get away from the hustle & bustle of a busy beach

El Cable Beach | El Faro Beach

La Bajadilla Beach

La Fontanilla Beach

Nagueles Beach


Nagueles Beach (Playa de Nagueles)



  • Located in the Golden Mile (Milla de Oro) area, and close to the Marbella Club
  • A top quality blue flag beach of pale golden sand
  • Very popular
  • Facilities: Showers, toilets, lifeguards
  • Sports: Surfing, pedalo boats


Nikki Beach Club



Nikki Beach Sunning

Nikki Beach Sunning


World famous jet setting Nikki Beach has clubs in Miami Beach, FL USA; Saint Tropez, France; Saint Barths, French West Indies; Marbella, Spain; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Marrakech, Morocco; Koh Samui, Thailand.

The place to go to be seen or to look at the beautiful & people who want to be seen.

Nikki Beach are much more upmarket than your general beach Chiringuito (a Spanish beach bar), with higher quality furniture, decor & glamorous sexy atmosphere create a magnet for better off clientele.

Season: Last week in April to end of September.

Nikki Beach Location

Nikki Beach is located on the beach at the Playa Hotel Don Carlos, 11 kilometres east of Marbella's centre


Playa Hotel Don Carlos, Carretera de Cadiz Km 192, 29600
Marbella, Malaga, Spain
Telephone: 34.952.83.62.39


Funny Beach Watersports, Beach club, Karting, & Fun park



Funny Beach

Funny Beach


At Funny beach you will find:

  • Beach bar & restaurant with Food & Drinks
  • Sun beds
  • Karting
  • Fun park for the kids
  • Range of Watersports
  • Large Car park

Located 1.5 kilometres from central Marbella along the A7 coastal road towards Fuengirola.

See Full details of Marbella's Funny Beach

Marbella Marinas & ports

Marbella marina

Marbella marina

Marbella marina photographs


Puerto Pesquero de Marbella



  • The eastern marina in the centre of Marbella with storage for 600 boats in the size range of 20 100 feet.
  • The Marina built 1982


La Bajadilla Marina



  • La Bajadilla Marina has berths for nearly 400 boats

Other Marinas in the region


Cabopina Port



  • Cabopina Port has berths for nearly 200 boats & located half way between Marbella & Fuengirola


Jose Banus Marina



  • Also called Puerto banus Marina 9km west of Marbella
  • Named after the property developer who built this fabulous marina
  • Berths for 550 motor boats

Marbella Nightlife

Marbella has a rich selection of bars many with exciting nightlife. Our list of great bars, clubs & nightlife is on a seperate page

Marbella Shopping

  • You will find a large selection of top boutiques selling all the top end designer named clothes in the narrow Moorish style lanes in the old town
  • La Canada Shopping park

Marbella Restaurants

A selection of the very wide range of restaurants in Marbella


Messina Restaurant



  • Excellent reviews
  • One of the best restaurants in Marbella

Located on the main road 100 metres from the sea front between the 2 marinas

Av. Severo Ochoa, 12, Marbella, Spain


Messina restaurant Marbella

Messina restaurant Marbella

El Portalon



Milla de Oro
  • Top quality Castilian cuisine Spanish menu
  • One of the best restaurants in Marbella for Spanish cuisine

Carretera de Cadiz 178, Marbella, 29660


Taberna del Alabardero



Puerto Banus
  • Another great restaurant
  • Overlooking Puerto Banus marina

Muelle Benabola, A 2, Marbella, 29660


Dublin Cafe Bar



  • Cafe & bar

Dublin Cafe, C/ Camilo Jose Cela 4, Marbella, 29600


Valentino Ristorante Italian



  • With Italian Favourites

Valentino Ristorante Italian, Edif. 2000, Avda el Fuerte, Marbella   4elephone 952 858 775


Beckitts Brasserie



  • International cuisine

Beckitts, C/ Camilo Jose Cela 4, Marbella 4elephone 952 868 898


Sushi Katsura Japanese Restaurant



  • Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Katsura Japanese Restaurant, Edificio Granada, Avda. Ramon Gomez de la Serna 4, 29600 Marbella, Malaga  4elephone 952 863 193


La Madrilena



  • Seafood & Spanish food

La Madrilena, Paseo Maritimo, Edif. Mediterraneo, Marbella (Near Hotel El Fuerte) 4elephone 952 828 484



Chiringuito Pepe Bar & Restaurants



El Faro beach
  • Beach Bar
  • Seafood, Spanish Food, Tapas

Chiringuito Pepe, El Faro beach, Marbella


Hard Rock Cafe


Marbella Weather

Marbella  4 day weather forecast including t Max & Min temperature in Fahrenheit, type of weather, Wind direction and speed in miles per hour.

Click the More >> link, bottom right of forecast for more information:

  • Morning, afternoon & evening temperatures
  • 7 day forecast
  • Next weeks forecast
  • Spanish rain map


weather forecast Marbella

Tree top adventure at Amazon Adventure in Marbella

mazon Adventure kid on a net rope bridge

Amazon Adventure kid on a net rope bridge

Amazon Adventure stick bridge

Amazon Adventure stick bridge


Have great fun in this new tree top adventure park, Aventura Amazonia in the Elviria district of Marbella

Safety equipment and safety instruction is provided.

There are various routes that can be explored, from nice & easy for the kids through to high adrenaline producers for the brave that ends with the longest zip slide in Andleucia

  • Travel from tree to tree via
    • Rope bridges
    • Stick bridges with gaps
    • Rope bridges with obstacles
    • Swing from rope to rope
    • Zip lines
  • Tree ladders
  • Climbing frames
  • Scramble net climbs





 Most circuits have the very popular zip line suitable for that circuit.


A short circuit of 15 challenges designed for young ones with easy obstacles to negotiate at an average height of 1.7 m

Explorer (Explorador)

A circuit for young daredevils with 14 challenges at an average height of 3 m


Jungle (Jungle)

A more challenging circuit of 12 challenges at an average height of 4 m ideal for both young adventurers & adults.

Adventure (Aventura)

More complex route with 14 challenges at an average height of 6 m ending with a 240 metre zipline ensuring an exhilarating end to the Adventure route.

Sportsmanship (Deportive)

The most complex of the circuits for serious fearless adventurers. The circuit has an average height of 19m


Age, Height, weight & fitness Limits



Age From 6 to 65 year old

Height Over 1.15 metres

Weight Under 130 kg

Fitness No special degree of physical fitness is required. The circuits are not recommended for people with physical or mental disabilities.





Entrance allows for

3 hours stay that includes

  • Safety training
  • Safety Equipment harness, double safety anchorage with carabiners & zipline pulleys.
  • Repeat use of the circuits

Address: Avenida Valeriano Rodriguez 1, Elviria,Marbella


Marbella Public Transport Buses

Destinations from Marbella






Benalmádena Costa








Hospital (from the centre)


La Línea


Nueva Andalucía



San Pedro




Local Marbella Bus Services



L1 La Canada Central Marbela Puerto Banus

L2 Las Albarizas Central Marbela Xarblanca

L3 Bus Station Central Marbela La Canada Bus Station 

L4 San Pedro El Angel Puerto Banus

L5 El Salto Taquilla Bus Playa Esteban San Mateo 

6 Bus Station La Canada Central Marbela 

L7 Las Chapas Marbella Central Marbela Bus Station Nagueles 

Night Buses  Ant. Bomberos Marbella Central Marbela P. Banus S. Pedro Alcantara


Local Marbella Bus Services


Download a bus timetable in PDF format


Marbela Bus Station



Avda. del Trapiche s/n. 29600 Marbella (Malaga) 


Useful Telephone Numbers



Marbella Bus Station Tel: 952 76 44 01 Tel: 952 36 01 91

Portillo buses Tel: 902 143 144  

Marbella Public Transport Railways

The nearest station to Marbella is Fuengirola railway station, with trains to Malaga Airport, Malaga and Costa Blanca resorts inbetween

Marbella Public Transport Airport

The nearest airport to Marbella is Malaga Airport


Airport Transport



Recomended method

use one of the specialised Airport Transfer Companies who transfer between your hotel / Apartment & the Airport


Malaga Airport Marbella Service

Journey Time 45 minutes.

Approximatly an hourly service

Operator Portillo

Marbella Churches

Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation (Nustra Senora de la Encarnacion)



Marbella church Nustra Senora de la Encarnacion

Marbella church Nustra Senora de la Encarnacion


Catholic Cathedral is also called in the centre of the old town of Marbella.

Built in the early 17th century  with a marvellous Baroque doorway.


The Cathedral had to be restored after the Spanish Civil War.

Marbella Official Tourist Information Offices

Plaza de los Naranjos - Orange Square



Plaza de los Naranjos, 1, Marbella, 29601

Orange Square is full of restaurants.


Paseo Maritimo



Glorieta de la Fontanilla, Marbella, 29602

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