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Sitges Gay Map

This Sitges Gay Map shows the locations of popular Gay venues & beaches. Click the name in the right column below to highlight the location on the map.


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Sitges Gay Bars, Gay Clubs, Gay Hotels & Gay Saunas
Costa Dorado, Spain.


Sitges is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for gay tourists

Sitges Gay Bars & Clubs

Azul bar    B Side bar    Bears Bar   Bourbon's bar    Casablanca Cocktail bar    Comodin bar

Dark Sitges bar    El Candil bar    El Horno bar    El Piano bar    La Locacola bar    Man bar

Marypili bar    Mediterraneo bar    Orek's Disco    Organic Dance Club    Parrot's bar

Parrot's 2 bar    Perfil bar    Phillip's bar    XXL bar

Sin Street

Sin Street Official names is Primer de Maig Street , but it's widely known as sin Street (Carrer del Pecat)

Sin Street is the main nighttime street in Sitges with music blasting out of almost every doorway

Azul bar

Azul bar Description

The Azul is a small Music Bar with friendly staff, Pablo, Thomas and David

  • Music Bar
  • Popular with both tourists gays and local gays boyz
  • Porn Videos 2 screens

Azul bar Location

Sant Bonaventura, 10

Located next to the Mediterraneo bar

Other gay bars in Sant Bonaventura: Bourbon's, El Piano, Man Bar


See Location of Azul bar on our Sitges Gay Map

B Side bar

B Side bar Description

The B Side bar is known for it's raunchy strip shows that are nightly in summer

  • On 2 levels
  • The main bar is very popular
  • Strippers
  • Porn Videos that get raunchier later in the night
  • Dark Room

B Side bar Location

Sant Gaudenci, 7

See Location of B Side bar on our Sitges Gay Map 

Bears Bar Gay Leather

Bears Bar Description

A specialist bar for Bears, Cubs, Chubbies, Daddies and their admirers.

Bears bar is cruisy and dark & has 2 dark rooms, a sling room, St Andrews Cross and porno videos playing on two video screens.

Party Nights

  • Red Afternoons
    This is an active afternoon that follows the red colour code Alternate Sundays at 6 10pm
  • Underwear Party
    Alternate Sundays from 6 10pm. Underwear / naked from June
  • Shorts Party
    Tuesdays from 10pm. Sports shorts, army shorts, denim shorts etc. Not Fashion Shorts.  Customers wearing shorts get second drink free.
  • Topless Party
    Thursdays from 10pm
  • Dark or Leather Party
    Sundays from 10pm. Leather / black clothing.


During Carnival Week, Easter and in summer the bar is open all week from 22.00 Until 03.30.Bears

At other periods open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bears Bar Location

Centrally located

C / Bonaire 17, Sitges, Costa Dorado, Spain

See Location of Bears Bar on our Sitges Gay Map 

Bourbon's bar

Bourbons Bar Sitges

Bourbons Bar Sitges

Bourbon's bar Description

Bourbon's bar is one of Sitges top music bars and both popular and cruisy with fabulous staff.

  • Music Bar
  • Dark Room
  • Video Shows

Bourbon's bar Location

Sant Bonaventura, 13

See Location of Bourbon's bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Casablanca Cocktail bar

Casablanca Cocktail bar Description

A bears bar open all year 8pm to 3am

  • Dark Room
  • Video Shows

Casablanca Cocktail bar Location

Pau Barrabeitg, 5

See Location of Casablanca Cocktail bar on our Sitges Gay Map 

Comodin bar

Comodin bar Description

A superb drag show bar with shows every night in summer and weekends only in winter

  • Drag Shows

Comodin bar Location

Tacó, 4

See Location of Comodin bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Dark Sitges bar

Dark Sitges logo

Dark Sitges logo

Dark Sitges

Dark Sitges

Dark Sitges bar Description

This newer bar is modern and has a spectacular designed interior with extreme "mood" lighting that is changing as the night wears on in this cruisy bar.

Will Dark Sitges be your hottest night check it out

  • Dark Room
  • Large Porn Video screens
  • Striuppers


Mon Thurs: 17:00 03:00 Fri Sat: 17:00 03:30 Sun: 17:00 03:00

Dark Sitges bar Location

Opposie Orek's Disco

C/ Bonaire, 14. Sitges, Spain 08870

See Location of Dark Sitges bar on our Sitges Gay Map

El Candil bar

El Candil bar Description

El Candil has a fabulous disco atmosphere with it's large dance floor

El Candil is one of the biggest bars in Sitges & has 3 bars, and is very popular with not only the local Catalan boyz & boys from all over Spain but tourists from all over Europe including the UK.

The management have a knack of choosing very pretty young bar staff.

A Tea Dance that includes a Drag Cabaret Show is held on a Sunday Evening from around 7pm

  • Large screen porn videos in the toilet
  • Large Dark Room
  • Large dance floor

El Candil bar Location

Caretta, 9

See Location of El Candil bar on our Sitges Gay Map

El Horno bar

El Horno bar

El Horno bar


In Spanish El Horno stands for the Oven, it was a bakery previously the venue is a friendly cruisy bar and a god place for a chat with friends. The bar is well established from the very early days of the Sitges gay scene.

With the El Horno bar opening at 5:30 it is an ideal watering hole as you return from the beach

  • Dark Room at rear in what was the oven
  • Porn Videos


Tuesdays in summer: Underwear Night.


All Year 5.30pm  2:30am


El Horno bar Location

Carrer Joan Tarrida, 6 08870 Sitges, Spain

Located opposite XXL


See Location of El Horno bar on our Sitges Gay Map

El Piano bar

bar Description

El Piano is only a small bar but with a fantastic friendly fun camp sing a long atmosphere. 

The bar has a very regular local customers and the bar is usually full.

Live cabaret is performed on some evenings

  • Live Music

El Piano bar Location

Sant Bonaventura, 37

See Location of El Piano bar on our Sitges Gay Map

La Locacola bar

La Locacola bar Description

La Locacola is French owned by Patrice your friendly host.  The bar is small & intimate and a popular meeting point of friends for a night out. It is ideal for a before meal aperitif.

La Locacola bar Website



La Locacola bar Location

Bonaire, 35

See Location of La Locacola bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Man bar

Man Bar

Man Bar

Man bar Description

Man bar attracts a slightly older crowd who tend to be into Leather, rubber, sports, skin & uniforms who enjoy the indusrial feal of the bar with it's chains iron bars and dark lighting that creates a sleazy & cruisy atmosphere.

Dress Code

The management prefer customer  who wear Leather, rubber, sports gear, skin clothing & uniforms.
But the code is not enforced

Underwear Nights

Summer Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 10pm

Only underpants or totally naked. Footwear must be worn.

Cover charge includes:

  • 1 or 2 drinks depending on what you drink
  • Cloakroom
  • Condoms & lube

Sportswear Night

Summer Mondays from 10pm.

  • Football or Rugby Shirts & shorts
  • Sports Shorts & trainers
  • Trackie bottoms
  • Etc.
  • Dark Room area with cage and camouflage netting
  • Video Screens showing hard core gay porn


Summer 10pm 3.30am

Man bar Location

Sant Bonaventura, 19, 08870 Sitges, Spain.

See Location of Man bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Marypili bar

Marypili bar Description

Very popular with Lesbians & their friends and plays great music.

  • Occasional Special Events
  • Small outdoor seating area

Marypili bar Location

Joan Tarrida, 14


Daily from 7pm Late

See Location of Marypili bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Mediterraneo bar

Mediterraneo bar Description

The Mediterraneo is a large bar with a dance floor giving the impression of a nightclub or  trendy disco.

Being located in in old 17th century house and along with impressive interior the Mediterraneo bar attracts gorgeous boys from worldwide destinations and of course all the beautiful local & Spanish boys

The bar is hosted by Carlos the owner & Javier Vaca the manager and along with the staff wish you a great night out.

  • Dance Floor
  • Pool Table
  • Chillout Area
  • Fab looking Bar staff


Every day From 11pm 3.30am

Mediterraneo bar Location

Sant Bonaventura, 6

See Location of Mediterraneo bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Orek's Disco

Orek's Disco Description

Orek's is a musical bar with a dance floor

Popular with tourists & Spanish and is usually very busy, even in winter at weekends

  • Very large Dark Room
  • Porn Videos
  • Strippers


Summer Daily 10.30pm 3am

Orek's Disco Location

Opposite Dark Sitges Bar

Bonaire, 13


See Location of Orek's Disco on our Sitges Gay Map

Organic Dance Club

Organic Dance Club Sitges

Organic Dance Club Sitges

Organic Dance Club photo

Organic Dance Club Description

Regarded as Sitges top Gay Disco


  • Mondays Hot Boys Dance the night away
  • Tuesdays Party until late...
  • Wednesdays The latest hits....
  • Thursdays Singles Night     This is a night with numbered "Shag Tags" so you can leave a message
  • Fridays 50/50 Party decide what to wear 50/50 choice top or bottom
  • Saturdays Saturday is Crazy!
  • Sundays Dance Party with the top music from the 80's and 90's


Summer Daily 2.30pm 6am

Organic Dance Club Website



Organic Dance Club Location

Bonaire, 15

See Location of Organic Dance Club on our Sitges Gay Map

Parrot's bar

Parrot's bar Description

Parrot's bar has a popular large terrace in the Square.

Ideal for you cocktail or drink & watch the world go past, after a day at the beach, a pre dinner appetizer, as part of your nights bar cruise or even all 3.


Closed Winter Nov Mar Opens for Carnival

Breakfast served daily from 9am 2pm

Parrot's bar Club Website


Parrot's bar Location

Pl. Industria, 2/Dos de Mayo

See Location of Parrot's bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Parrot's 2 bar

Parrot's 2 bar Description

Virtually an extension to Parrots bar over the road.

Parrot's 2 bar Location

Located on the opposit side of the Square from Parrotsnear Sin Street

Pl. Industria, 3/Dos de Mayo Sin Street


See Location of Parrot's 2 bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Perfil bar

Perfil bar

Perfil bar

Perfil bar Description

The Perfil is an intamate bar owned by some great looking guyz

Perfil bar Location

Espalter, 7

See Location of Perfil bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Prinz bar

Prinz bar

Prinz bar

Prinz bar stage

Prinz bar stage

Prinz bar Description


  • Mondays 2x1 all night
  • Tuesdays The shower  The hottest show in Sitges
  • Wednesdays Surprise
  • Thursdays "we love house" with a special DJ
  • Fridays & Saturdays Babylon Night with gogos & Strippers
  • Sundays s Lady Diamond presents Cabaret

Prinz Bar Stripper


Prinz bar Location

Espalter, 7

See Location of Prinz bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Privilege bar

Privilege Bar Stripper

Privilege Bar Stripper

Privilege bar Description

  • Dark Room
  • Video Screens showing gay porn

Privilege bar Website


Privilege bar Location

Bonaire, 24

See Location of Privilege bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Phillip's bar

Phillip's bar Description




Phillip's bar Location

San Sebastian Beach in a Square right on the sea front.

Carrer De Port Alegre, 10

See Location of Phillip's bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Queenz bar

Queenz bar

Queenz bar

Queenz bar Description

Queenz bar is new and on Google maps old photograph it's a derilect property under Bears Bar

The hosts, Dick and Arjan, aim is to attract customer who appreciate a fun atmospere & great music.


  • Mondays Sitges got talent
  • Tuesdays Top *0s & 90s Music
  • Wednesdays Cocktail Night
  • Thursdays Lady Diamond Drag performer
  • Fridays & Saturdays Your Weekend Mix
  • Sundays s Beach & Underwear Fashion Show


Summer Daily 10.30pm to 3.30am

Autumn/Winter Friday and Saturday From10.30pm


Queenz bar Website



Queenz bar Location

C/ Bonaire, 17

At the junction of Joan Tarrida

See Location of Queenz bar on our Sitges Gay Map

XXL bar

XXL bar

XXL bar Description

A construction / industrial style bar

  • Dark Room
  • Video Screens showing gay porn
  • Dance Floor
  • DJs

XXL bar Location

Calle Joan Tarrida, 7. Sitges

Opposite El Horno bar

See Location of XXL bar on our Sitges Gay Map

Sitges Gay Clubs & Gay Discos

L'Atlantida Disco

L'Atlàntida Disco

L'Atlàntida Disco Description

Only gay on specific events which include a gay beach party

More details Atlantida Disco


See Location of L'Atlantida Disco on our Sitges Gay Map 

Trailer Gay Disco

Trailer Disco Stripper Sitges

Trailer Gay Disco Stripper Sitges

Trailer Gay Disco Description

This gay disco is famous for it's spectacular foam parties.


Trailer Gay Disco Location

Calle de Ángel Vidal, 36, 08870 Sitges


See Location of Trailer Gay Disco on our Sitges Gay Map 

Sitges Gay Beaches & Gay Cruising

Playa de la Bassa Redona



(central gay beach): daytime

There is the central gay beach for the posers and those who like to look at the posers.


Playa el Espigón Beach



Late at night. AYOR. Risk of attack and some police activity


Playa del Muerto (Dead Man's Beach)



Sitges nude beaches

Sitges nude beaches


Located beyond the Terramar Hotel and L'Atlàntida Disco): daytime.

This is a 3 kilometre walk from central Sitges, but you can catch a local bus from the Railway station to the Terramar Hotel to reduce the distance. Or get aTaxi to the

The woods at the back of the beach located over the railway line or under the bridge are very active.

Sitges Gay Pride

Video Sitges Gay Pride 2010

Sitges Gay Hotels & Gay friendly hotels

Gay Hotels



The Romantic hotel  and the   Renaixenca hotel are the best known hotels used by gays in Sitges. The hotels are on oppersite sides of a narrowish street, guest staying at the Renaixenca use the reception and dinining facilities of the Romantic hotel. This gives the Renaixenca  a more intamate and private atmosphere. The hotel has a small bar. You can almost think you have entered an art gallery when you go into the Romantic hotel. The bar is very popular with hotel guests and visitors.

These 2 hotels are only 1 or 2 star and are vastly overpriced as is often the case with gay establishments. You can stay in one of the resorts 4 star hotels for a similar price


Gay friendly hotels



Antemare hotel    El Cid hotel    Galeon/Pavillon hotel   Platja D'Or hotel    Renaixenca hotel    Romantic hotel    Sunway Playa Golf Sitges Hotel

The newish Sunway Playa Golf Sitges Hotel is located to the south of the city centre in a residencial area. This location makes it a shorter walk to the nudist and gay beaches to the south, but further to walk to the central gay nightlife


Terramar Hotel



This is the second nearest hotel to the Nude & Gay beaches to the west of Sitges, it is also near to the L'Atlàntida Disco. Although not gay the Terramar hotel is, like most hotels in Sitges, Gay Friendly.