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Betancuria Cathedral

Betancuria Cathedral


Betancuria is an inland town with a beautiful white walled Cathedral, and was the capital of Fuerteventura until 1834, when La Oliva became the Capital, Later the Capital then changed to Puerto de Cabras renamed to Puerto del Rosario

Betancuria main source of income is from day trip tourists come by car, trike tours and coach trips. Many say that Betancuria is the pretiest village on Fuerteventura.


Location of Betancuria

Betancuria is located approximatly half way down the island of Fuerteventura, 350 metres above sea level and 7 kilometres inland from the west coast. The nearest coastal town is Ajuy 10 kilometres.

Attractions in

Betancuria Cathedral, Santa Maria Church



Betancuria Cathedral

Betancuria Cathedral

 Betancuria Cathedral door

Betancuria Cathedral door


The original Santa Maria church was the Santa Maria. Some of this church and much of the island was destroyed by maurauding pirate raids by Moors, partly in revenge for the talking of slaves from Morrocco to work on the island. Some of the church icluding part of the bell tower are original.

The rebuilt church is now a major tourist attraction, ensure you see the high alter with it's baroque design and the beautifully painted side alters.


Museum of Religious Art



The Museum of Religious Art is located in Plaza Santa Maria. It displays  art treasures from both the Santa Maria Church and the Convent of San Buenaventura which closed about 100 years ago.

Visitors should note the Pendon, the banner flag carried by Jean de Bethancourt when he landed on Fuerteventura Island at Ajuy in the 15th century, conquered the island and founded Betancuria named after him.


Viewpoint Mirador Morro Velosa



This viewpoint located beside a track type of road gives panoramic splendid views of the volcanic landscape. There is a local restaurant

There are several viewpoints on the twisting roads to Betancuria and you can bring the local wildlife up close with some nuts


Archaeology Museum



The museum is a converted house located in Calle Roberto Roldan and contains fossils, pottery and artifacts of the early original settlers


Convent of San Buenaventura



The Convent of San Buenaventura is now in ruins. Built in 1414 and is the oldest convent on the island. Some of the former contents of the abbey are now in the Museum.

Tours Excursions Trips that include Betancuria

If you want to do something other than sunbathing all day, then see the following, tours, excursions, trips and activities, that we have found that visit Betancuria


Being a day or part day trip venue Betancuria shops are aimed at tourist visitors.

Besides the usual souveneirs and trinkets you can find some beautiful arts and crafts made by the locals.

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Bus Routes, Bus Stops & Bus information

 Bus Routes to Betancuria



02 Puerto del Rosario Betancuria Vega del Rio Palma

There are only 2 or 3 buses per day, so ensure you obtain a timetable

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Betancuria Tourist Information Office

There is no Tourist Information Office in Betancuria.

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Most of the UK tour operators run day trips that include Betancuria but they do not have Package Holidays to Betancuria


Betancuria Weather and Betancuria Climate

As far as we know there is only one weather station on Fuerteventura. weather stations are usually located at the airport.

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