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Ibiza Resort Map

This Ibiza Resort Map shows popular Resorts on Ibiza locations Click the name in the right column below to highlight the location on the map.


Current weather in Ibiza  

Ibiza Overview

"A legendary destination where top resorts and traditions still bloom side by side, Ibiza makes everyone feel welcome. Buzzing nightlife, awesome beaches and rural beauty, this energetic island has it all."

A small island with an enormous reputation, Ibiza hosts some of the world’s best nightlife and is one of the most beautiful of the Balearic Islands. Green hills and open plains become golden sand bathed in the warm Mediterranean sunshine, and as resorts flourish on the coast, traditional life still thrives inland.

Current weather in Ibiza and Climate

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The Climate in Ibiza results in the Island being a spring, summer & autumn resort generally but not entirely shutting shop in winter. Although still much warmer than the UK its is colder that the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca resorts. Therefore many of the larger bars, restaurant, clubs etc close down for winter.

The very popular club closing parties usually occure in mid to late September.

See our Ibiza Clubs page for more information on closing dates

List of Popular resorts

Cala Gracio

A very quiet and peaseful resort 1.5 km from the very lively town of San Antonio

See location of Cala Gracio on our  Ibiza Island Map


Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga is a small but beautiful resort located at the western end of a long & narrow bay with fir tree covered slopes on the east coast of Ibiza north of Ibiza town.

An ideal resort for families wanting a relaxing holiday

More information Cala Llonga

See location of Cala Llonga on our Ibiza Island Map

Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga beach

Es Cana (Es Canar)

Es Canar is a reasonably large resort, 25km northeast of Ibiza town with a beautiful beach. The area behind the beach is fairly undeveloped with the resort buildings being at the ends of the beach especially at the harbour end.

See location of Es Canar on our Ibiza Island Map

Es Cana beach sunlounging

Es Cana beach sunlounging

Es Cavallete nude beach & Es Cavallete gay beach

Es Cavallete gay beach & Es Cavallete nude beach are both fabulously long beaches about 20-30 minutes walk from the main road. People naturally congregate around the 2 beach bars, one bar on each beach. Both bars provide excellent meals

More Es Cavallete beaches

See location Es Cavallete beaches on Ibiza Island Map

Es Cavallete gay beach

Es Cavallete gay beach

Ibiza Town - Eivissa - Dalt Vila

Eivissa, known by the British as Ibiza Town is the capital of the Island and has an excellent and extremly vibrant nightlife.

During the day there is the Old town, Dalt Vila located behind massivly thick fortified walls. Dalt Vila is also on a very steep hill with roads zig zagging up to the Cathedral that dominates the skyline.

More Dalt Vila

Eivissa is a fashion shopperolics dream, for some really gorgious or outragious outfits for both sexes try the shops in the gay areas

See location of Ibiza Town on our  Ibiza Island Map

Ibiza Cathedral

Ibiza Town Cathedral

Playa d' en Bossa

The resort lies 5km south of Ibiza Town and is on the southeast coast of the island. Playa d' en Bossa's beach is the longest on Ibiza so you can find pease and quiet if required, alternativly head for the Bora Bora beach bar to find the beach absolutly heaving with young bodies girating to the load music

See location of Playa d' en Bossa on our  Ibiza Island Map


Playa d' en Bossa beach Bora Bora bar

Playa d' en Bossa beach Bora Bora bar


Situated approximately 28km northeast of Ibiza Town, at the north tip of the island of Ibiza.

Located around some absolutly gorgeous coves and with 3 beaches it is a great resorts for a relaxed holiday.

The area was used for the filming of that magnificent musical film South Pacific.


See location of Portinax on our  Ibiza Island Map


Portinax beach pedlos

Portinax beach pedlos


Salinas Beach

Located on the other side of the V shaped peninsular from Es Cavallete nude & gay beaches. Salinas Beach is far more family orientated. There is no nearby resort but the bus stop is only about 100 metres from the beach. There are also very large car parks near to the start of the beach.

This is probably the most popular beach on Ibiza, and has several beach bars.

See location of Salinas Beach on our  Ibiza Island Map


Salinas Beach

Salinas Beach


San Antoni

Situated on the North west coast of Ibiza, 18km north west of Ibiza Town.

San Antoni is very popular with young brits because of it's swinging nightlife. With super clubs and loads of vibrant bars for parting all night.

See location of San Antoni on our  Ibiza Island Map


San Antoni beach

San Antoni beach


Puerto San Miguel

Puerto San Miguel is set in a mountainous region on the northwestern coast of Ibiza. Puerto San Miguel is accested by a steephill from the village of San Miguel located inland from the port

A resort to relax & unwind in. Ensure you vist the cave just outside the village.

See location of San Miguel on our  Ibiza Island Map


San Miguel beach

San Miguel beach


Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is situated next to the only river in the Balearic Islands on the east coast of Ibiza, 19 kilometres north of Ibiza Town.

It is the 3rd largest resort on Ibiza and is a smart, pretty and cosmopolitan resort and couples and families with older children love this former rich market town.

See location of Santa Eulalia on our  Ibiza Island Map


Santa Eulalia beach
Santa Eulalia beach



From secluded sandy coves to broad reaches of golden sand, Ibiza’s beaches are one of its greatest assets. Whether you’re after stretching out for a bit of sun worship or looking for somewhere for kids to make sand castles, the coves and bays along the north and west coasts are ideal. Cala Xarrac, Cala D’en Parc and Portinatx are some of the best of a great selection. Playa d’en Bossa 2 kilometres of white sand forms the island’s largest beach, and is great for families, as are Cala Llonga and the sheltered inlet at San Miguel, while water sports are run from all resorts.


Ibiza brims with chic boutiques, timeless markets, the famous hippy markets and souvenir shops. Ibiza Town and San Antonio have impressive arrays of shops, especially for the fashion conscious. Don’t miss the colourful hippy market, with its beads and kaftans, in Es Canar every Wednesday. Local handicrafts include designer glass, leather ware and pottery.

Nightlife Bars & Restaurants

You will find an array of bars and restaurants in all the resorts, many offering music and entertainment. The majority of large hotels and apartment complexes also have an entertainment program in there bars, lounges, or theatres.

There is no shortage of venues to have a refreshing cocktail, long stiff drink or a local or foreign beer including English beer in a few establishments. Sitting outside, sipping your drink, talking with family, freinds or new found freinds on some promenade with gently swaying palm branches gently swaying in the warm evening air in summer.

All of Ibiza’s resorts have plenty of bars, restaurants and entertainment, most at a much calmer pitch the San Antonio. Stroll along a palm lined promenade as you choose somewhere to sit and sip hierbas in the warm night air.

For the world famous legendary Ibiza nightlife you are talking of the clubs and superclubs that are located in 4 areas

Please note that Ibiza is a summer resort and many bars and restaurants, and all the supereclubs close during the winter months.

More information on the famous Ibiza Clubs



Ibiza Town (Eivissa)



Ibiza Town is the home of 2 clubs, the only Gay club on the Island and a vast number of bars & restaurants.

More information Ibiza Town Nightlife

Please note that Figueretas, called Figueretas by the Brits is within walking distance of Eivissa town

More information Figueretas



San Antonio



The nightlife in San Antonio is inescapably legendary. With its bars and discos galore, this is a frentic and fashion conscious resort, frequented by some of the world’s top DJs and home to some of the best clubs in the world. If this is not your scene however, never fear as there is life beyond San Antonio once the sun sets.

More information San Antonio


Playa D' en Bossa



Once thought sacred by the Carthaginians, people now make pilgrimages to Ibiza’s shore for a very different type of worship – sun, sand, music and fashion have become the new religion of today’s visitors. First made fashionable by the hippy generation of the 1960s, Ibiza’s popularity has continued to grow, but not at the expense of the island’s traditions and natural beauty. Its peasant past is not forgotten, captured in the folk dances you can see performed across the island. It’s hard to believe that on an island that can attracts the some of wealthiest and most fashionable people in the Western world, women in traditional Ibecian dress can still be seen collect almonds from the orchards. However, in the rural villages nestled among pine covered hills and fertile valleys, that is exactly how people continue to live, regardless of the bustling resorts on the coasts below. Ibiza has a home for every kind of holidaymaker, for those looking for a carefree family break, a hideaway immersed in local culture or bright lights and glamour. From the cosmopolitan Ibiza town where private yachts anchor in front of Gothic churches, to the endlessly energetic San Antonio, to the picturesque and calm resorts such as Portinatx, Ibiza really is the island with it all.

More information Playa D' en Bossa





Ibiza attracts people from all walks of life and so caters for all kinds of tastes. The native cuisine is much like the rest of the Mediterranean, with fish and seafood dominating many menus. For a uniquely Ibecian dish, try sofrit pages, potato and red peppers stewed in olive oil, or esta fado de buey, a kind of beef stew. Resorts are peppered with restaurants and streets offer up many pavement cafes where you can sip coffee in the sunshine. With international cuisine served everywhere, your only decision is how you want to dine – in the up market, chic restaurants in Ibiza Town, in a beamed medieval building, or something relaxed along the seafront. Of course, along with the clubbing culture comes fast food and there’s plenty of places to grab a bite in San Antonio. Sip local spirits, flavoured with aniseed and herbs, the most famous of which is hierbas.

Ibiza Buses

Ibiza is well serviced by buses and there is even night buses to the main Disco locations from the main resorts.

More information Ibiza buses  & Ibiza Night Disco buses

Railway Station

There is no Railway on Ibiza


Palma de Malorca Airport

Tourist Information Offices

Most resorts have a Tourist Information Office, and we have listed these on the resort pages and placed the location on the resort map

Holiday Tips

In most hotels and aparthotels gentlemen are required to wear long trousers to dinner. Most hotels or apartments ask customers to vacate their rooms between 10am and 12 midday. For late afternoon or evening flights, late check out rooms may be available. Please see Your Holiday, Your Choice options on accommodation pages. Ask your travel agent to check the Travel Advice section of TOPical for up-to-date advice and the latest known Foreign Office advice.

Please Note

Most hotels or apartments ask customers to vacate their rooms between 10am and 12 midday. For late afternoon or evening flights, late check out rooms may be available. Please see Your Holiday, Your Choice options listed with your accommodation information.

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The main and official language for Spain is Castilian known around the World as Spanish, but Catalan is more widely spoken and is an official language for the Balearic Islands and nearby mainland area. The vast majority of Catalonian's can speak Spanish besides Catalan.


The use of more than 1 language can result in place names and street names having different spellings on maps and street signs.


English is widely spoken in the main tourist resorts in tourist hotels, bars and shops. Please note that the English spelling of place names can be different e.g. Ibiza for Eivissa and Es Cana for es Canar.


Spanish pronunciations are different from English pronunciations. When using public transport write down your destination and show when purchasing tickets.