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Es Canar Map (Es Cana map) Ibiza (Eivissa), Balearic Islands, Spain

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Es Canar Harbour

Panoramic view of the northern half of Es Canar beach


Panoramic view of the northern section of Es Canar beach

Panoramic view of the southern section of Es Canar beach

Panoramic view of the southern section of Es Canar beach

Read more about this beautiful  Es Canar Beach and other nearby beaches of Cala Martina beach, Cala Nova beach
and Cala Llenya beach

Es Canar (Es Cana) information & Guide

Es Canar is often known as Es Cana by the Brit's

Es Canar Description

Es Canar is a fairly large resort, 25km northeast of Ibiza town. As it has developed into a resort from a fishing village it has managed to retain much of its original character.  The resort has mainly developed in the area behind the small harbour which is situated on the southern headland, and also on the opposite headland Punta de ses Calderes where there are two large hotels and an apartment complex overlooking Es Canar bay. The central section backing the beach is relatively undeveloped.

Es Canar is a a colourful charm with the white buildings contrasting with the deep blue seas, the dark green pine forests, the pale blue sky and pale yellow sands.

There’s a good selection of bustling bars, cafes and restaurants, particularly on the seafront, but Nightlife is relaxed in Es Cana.

The occasional local fiestas add a colourful flare to the resort.

One event that must be visited is the local ‘hippy market’ craft fair, held on Wednesdays only a short walk south from the harbour.

The smaller Cala Nova beach is at the end of the resort and can be reached by a coastal path.

There are some spectacular walks along the coast either north or south. Try the coastal path to Santa Eulària for spectacular views of small coves and secluded beaches. Depending on your energy you can either walk back or catch the local bus.

The fortified village of Balafi is just 15km from Es Canar and is worth a visit. A trip to the capital, Ibiza Town, is easy and 'a must' for shoppers and those who like the more outrageous things in life.

Location of Es Canar

On the west coast of  Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain. Fairly near to the larger town of Santa Eulària See our Es Canar Map by Google which is interactive

Distances: Es Canar is 25 kilometres from Ibiza town and 6 kilometres from Santa Eularia the nearest larger town

Ibiza Airport to Es Canar Distance 28 Km

There are 4 ways to travel to Es Canar from the airport.


Book Ibiza (IBZ) Airport Transfer to from Es Cana 



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Advantages & Disadvantages of a Package holiday airport Transfers

Package holiday Transfer time 45 minutes to 1 hour


Airport Bus



This method of travel is the cheapest alternative but if you have suitcases it is only viable if your hotel is located near the Es Canar bus stop

Bus Route 24 Airport Santa Eulària Es Canar     Airport Bus information

Es Canar Beaches & nearby beaches

Es Canar beach



Es Canar beach has a wide horseshoe pale golden sand beach which turns to rocky headlands. The beach has a backdrop of pine clad hills

The large beach is sheltered and the gentle slope that continues in the sea makes it ideal for families. The beach is served by various beach bars and has a selection of water sports and also has lifeguards

Es Canar beach can become crowded in high season, the alternative beaches Cala Nova beach and Cala Martina beach are quieter and within walking distance



Cala Nova beach



The beach at Cala Nova is 800 metres north of Es Canar beach and can be reached via a pleasant walk along the footpath around two headlands with the ses pedrisses bay between them.

Although the water is quiet shallow with a sandy bottom, lovely for the kiddies to paddle in. In certain weather conditions Cala Nova beach can have strong undercurrents which sometimes bring out the red flag so check the colour of the flag before swimming.

The scenic beach is around 250 metres long & 20 metres wide and consists of fine to medium grained golden to light brown sand, except for the central narrower section which can be rocky


Cala Nova beach is 23 kilometres from Ibiza town and 8 kilometres from Santa Eularia


Continuing beyond Cala Nova beach you can walk on to Cala Llenya beach which takes about 1 hour from Es Canar beach


Cala Llenya beach



Cala Llenya beach is about an hours walk from Es Canar beach. You will pass several very picturesque stony coves, ideal if you want a bit of pease and quiet or better snorkeling than the sandy beaches..

The beach has fine very pale golden sand, with water sport facilities of windsurfing & pedaloes and is 200 metres long and 60 metres wide at the southern end. The central & northern end section the beach is narrower. At both ends of the beach are rocky areas ideal for the snorkeling enthusiast.

The beach is backed with fir tree covered hills some of the trees coming right down to the beach giving a dramatic beautiful look.

Like other beaches in this area the beach has a gentle slope with shallow water for some distance out, ideal for kids to play in the water.

Buses to Cala Llenya

Bus Route 16 Santa Eulària Cala Llenya. A very limited bus service

From Santa Eulària Summer only at 13:00 15:00 19:00, and 09:30 12:10 on Weekends

From Cala Llenya Summer only at   109:05 15:20 19:20, and 09:50 12:30 on Weekends


Cala Llenya beach is 25 kilometres from Ibiza & 10 kilometres from Santa Eularia


Cala Martina beach



The beach at Cala Martina is 900 metres south of Es Canar beach and can be reached via a pleasant walk along the footpath. The Wednesday Hippy Market is located between Cala Martina beach & Es Canar beach

The beach has very good water sports. with pedaloes and a scuba diving and surfing school .

The beach of fine Golden Sand is backed with pine trees and is 250 metres long by 20 metres wide and is excellent for windsurfing when the wind blows from the south

The island is Rodona


Cala Martina beach is 20 kilometres from Ibiza town and 5 kilometres from Santa Eularia


Cala s'Argamass beach



Cala s'Argamass is a smaller beach located just east of Cala Martina beach with a length of 150 metres and width of 20 metres of fine Golden Sand.

Jet skis, water skiing, parasailing etc are available


Cala Pada beach



Cala Pada beach is a narrow, only 15 metres wide by 200 metres in length, consisting mainly of fine Golden Sand.

The beach is backed with pine trees, the shallow sea shore is home to windsurfing and water skiing


Cala de Boix beach



Cala de Boix beach unlike the beaches to the south is composed of volcanic sand, although fine it is much darker in colour which many say that it add to the charm of this cove

The Cove has beautiful surrounding with a mingling of rugged rocks and pine forests


Cala Mastella beach



Cala Mastella beach is a small beach of fine Golden Sand, only 50 metres long and just under 20 metres wide. It is located very close to Llenya Cove and the Can Jordi Housing Estate .

The cove is surrounded by pine woods and there are a few buildings.

The route to the beach is well signposted.

Es Cana (Es Canar) Harbour

Es Canar Harbour

At the southern end of Es Canar beach is a small harbour with fishermen's boat houses and the harbour has a marina appearance. Water sports. are available, especially in high season and there is a ferry service to other beaches Santa Eularia, and Ibiza.


Es Canar is 21 kilometres from Ibiza town and 6 kilometres from Santa Eularia the nearest larger town


Beach Hopping Ferry Service

There is a Beach Hopping Ferry service which visits some of the beaches, Formentera, Santa Eularia, and Ibiza.

The ferry in Es Canar operates from the jetty in front of the Jacaranda Bar just to the south of the harbour.

 Shopping area Shopping Hippy Market at Punta Aribi near Es Canar

The very famous hippy market comes to Es Canar every Wednesday during April to October. The hippy market is well known all over Ibiza and started in 1973 with only 6 stands. Now it has over 400 and you can hardly move for bustling tourists. The locals tend to visit early or late avoiding the noon early afternoon the busiest time.

To make this market a full day activity you will also find

  • Bars
  • Snack bars
  • A Restaurant
  • Music
  • Surprise Events
  • A creche 10:00 to17:00 in apartment 36

You can buy virtually anything at the hippy market but keep an eye out for Ibicencan craft work, glassware and leatherwear.

Many hotel & tour operators offer coach trips to the


Location of Es Canar Hippy Market



The Hippy Market is located at the Punta Aribi resort a short walk, 750 metres along the main road south from Es Canar harbour. Punta Aribi resort lies to the left of the road. You will pass the Punta Aribi hotel on the way to the resort which is 300 metres further on.

Click Hippy market on the side panel to See shopping centre locations on our  Es Canar Map


There are no Banks in Es Canar, hotels & apartments will change travelers checks, take your passport for identity check.

There are a couple of hole in the wall cash machines


There is plenty going on here after dark, particularly on the seafront and on the main road to Santa Eularia You will find bars or cafes suitable for for a relaxed drink or some provide Sports coverage for the football enthusiast other load music, karaoke or quiz nights. Es Canar is going to offer you some perfect nights out. Just don't expect a lot of nightclubs or gourmet restaurants. But there is a nightclub the Kancela.

If you are wanting to go to Ibiza's famous super clubs you have a limited Disco Bus Service to Santa Eularia then change for eivissa (Ibiza town) where you can change again if required for the other clubs.

Or you can look out for organised coach trips that include club entrance, remember that the spanish older teens onwards love to dance the night away as well. Ask in the Do Drop Inn bar, local bars or look out for posters. The next to the



Kancela night club

The Kancela night club in Es Canar is popular with a mainly younger clientele and can get

The Kancela can become crowded when there is a gig on.

See the restaurant or bar on our  Es Canar Map


 Restaurant / Bar Restaurants and Bars

There's a good choice of bars, cafes and restaurants on Es Canar seafront and around the town square. Ibiza Island specialities include sofrit pages: potatoes, meat and red peppers stewed in olive oil. Most restaurants and cafe provide English cuisine and either local or international fare. Because of the fabulous summer Mediterranean climate most establishments have terraces so that you can eat outside and enjoy the weather.


Apache cafe bar

Bar Cafe Apache opposite the Es Canor Bus Stop

Apache cafe bar

The Apache cafe bar is aimed at the British tourist and located opposite the bus stop, so very handy if you have a while to wait for the next bus

The Apache does themed nights such as the Mexican Tech

See the restaurant or bar on our  Es Canar Map


Bulls Head restaurant & bar

The Bulls Head restaurant & bar is an English run with down to earth English cooking with firm English favourites on the menu. If you are into gammon steaks. Steak and Kidney pie etc then this Old English Styled Pub is the place for you

See the restaurant or bar on our  Es Canar Map


Do Drop Inn

The Do Drop Inn has a large outside terrace for those wanting fresh air, and great sky TV coverage of sports and English soaps. There is a large swimming pool outside at the back.

The bar organises regular coach trips to the super clubs including entrance tickets

Located on the main road next to the Ereso Hotel

See our map for location  Map



Es Cana Fast food cafe

The Es Cana fast food cafe is located in an enviable position just where the main road meats the beach. The fairly large restaurant with indoor seating and outdoor terraces has beautiful vies of the beach, the two headlands and the offshore rocky island, Isla des Canar.

See the restaurant or bar on our  Es Canar Map


Freddy & Julie's English Bar

Freddy and Julie's English Bar is said to be the friendliest bar in Es Cana. Check it out & see for yourselves.

The bar has quiz nights, bingo, darts, pool and snack food

See the restaurant or bar on our  Es Canar Map


Jacaranda Bar

The Jacaranda Bar probably the best position for a bar & restaurant in Es Canar. Just next to the ferry jetty and marina and with magnificent views of the beach, bay and the northern coastline.

Great selection of cocktails, Ice cream and snacks.

The Jacaranda Bar also has a children's playground

See the restaurant or bar on our  Es Canar Map



La Perla Restaurant

La Perla restaurant

La Perla restaurant

La Perla family run restaurant offering both a full extensive meal menu with both Spanish & English cuisines or snacks including tapas.

English breakfasts available

La Perla has both an inside restaurant and a very large external terrace.

Fresh sea food is a specialty of the restaurant.

See the restaurant or bar on our  Es Canar Map

A few more interesting restaurants and or  are: Moe’s Tavern with it's Simpson's Cartoon theme The Seas bar cafe, Es Canar's first English bar

Bus Stop  Bus Routes, Bus Stops & Bus information


Bus information



Bar Cafe Apache opposite the Es Canor Bus Stop

Bar Cafe Apache opposite the Es Canar Bus Stop

The Es Canar Bus stop is located on the main road from & Sant Carles around 100 metres from Es Canar beach on the opposite side of the road from the La Perla hotel, Mar y Herta hotel and the Apache cafe bar see photograph.

The bus stop may be in the Car park alongside the road.

A Car park, taxi rank and tourist information kiosk are located very near the bus stop.


Bus Routes to Es Canar



Bus Route 18 Santa Eularia Es Canar                  Santa Eularia bus station
Bus Route 24 Airport Santa Eulària Es Canar     Airport Bus information
Bus Route 37 Sant Miquel Es Canar                    Sant Miquel Bus information

See Bus Stop locations on our  Es Canar Map

 Ibiza Bus Routes


Railway Station

There is no Railway on Ibiza

Tourist Information Es Canar Tourist Information Office

The Es Canar Tourist Information Office is located to the east end of the car park near to the Es Canar Beach and bus stop

Open Summer months May to October only hours: From 10:00 to 14:00

Tel.: (0034) 971 330728

The Es Canar comes under the jurisdiction of Santa Eularia des Riu whose tourist office is open all year   Santa Eulària des Riu Tourist Information Office

See the information office location on our  Es Canar Map


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