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Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Spain



Fuengirola Location

West of Malaga lies the well developed resort of Fuengirola. Home to the Costa del Sol's longest stretch of beach, this lively town also plays host to the best open air market on the coast. Fuengirola attracts a wide range of people and is particularly popular with couples and families. At the centre of the resort is the picturesque old town a cluster of winding streets and elegant squares peppered with stylish shops and tapas bars. A walk down the long, palm lined waterfront promenade leads to numerous cafes and a picturesque harbour flanked by bars, discos and restaurants.


Fuengirola Malaga airport Transfer time



For package holidays about 1 hour

Fuengirola Description & Information

Away from the high rise promenade, Fuengirola's old town still retains a traditional feel and flavour. Running off the main square, the Plaza de la Constitucion, is a warren like network of quaint, narrow streets that boasts a host of tapas bars and stylish cafes. The old fisherman's district of Santa Fe bustles with Spanish charm and is overlooked by the hillside Moorish castle of Sohail, from which spectacular vistas of the coastline may be enjoyed. For the family, a mini train runs through the resort for a short, fun tour of Fuengirola town.

Fuengirola Beaches

Fuengirola Santa Amalia Beach
One of the many sandy beaches in Fuengirola.

Fuengirola has the longest of set of beaches on the Costa del Sol. Its golden sands stretch for 7km, divided only by an attractive marina where you'll find a variety of watersports on offer including sailing, water skiing and windsurfing. Behind the beach there's a pleasant promenade, the Paseo Maritimo, that sweeps along the length of the beach and is lined with open air cafes and bars.

Fuengirola Shopping

Be sure to catch Fuengirola's colourful local market, the best on the Costa del Sol, that takes place every Tuesday morning in the centre of the resort.

It's renowned as the most comprehensive open air market on the Costa del Sol and provides the perfect opportunity to barter with the locals and pick up some great souvenirs.

There's also a wide variety of shops and chic boutiques in town centred around the historic quarter while some hypermarkets are located on the outskirts of the resort.



Shopping Centres



  • Parque Mirarmar has 150 shops, large car park, Eroski hypermarket, 12 cinemas, bars & restaurants
  • Mercacentro next to train station. Shops, bars & restaurants.

Fuengirola Nightlife

There's plenty to do once the sun goes down over Fuengirola. This lively resort has a wide array of piano and disco bars as well as a number of nightclubs where you can dance the night away.

For trendy bars  & restaurants head for Fish Alley


Visit our Fuengirola Bars, Pubs, Clubs & Discos page

Fuengirola Restaurants

Whether it's traditional Spanish tapas dishes or bangers and mash that you fancy, Fuengirola has plenty to tempt you. Waterside cafes and restaurants offer an exclusive choice of fresh fish and speciality seafood dishes while British style pubs and bars serve hearty, home cooked fare.



Fuengirola BBQ
Fuengirola BBQ

Fuengirola  Attractions

Sohail Castle Fuengirola (Castillo Sohail) Fuengirola Castle- Flag Tower & Canon on Rampart



Sohail Castle Description



Built in 956 by the Moor Abd-ar-Rahman III. The castle was renovated in 2000 to make it a tourist attraction.

Although well worth visiting the castle is no way as impressive as the ones at Malaga, or Granada.

The British from Gibralta in conjunction with Spanish patriats attacked the castle in 1810 defended by a Polish unit of Napoleons Army. Although the British outnumbered the Napoleonic forces the Brits were defeated. One of the few Peninsular War battles that the British Lost.


A small museum is located at the castle.


Various festivals & concerts are held in the castles large courtyard.


See Location of Sohail Castle on our Fuengirola Map

Bull Ring (Plaza de Torus) Fuengirola

Fuengirola Bull Ring

Fuengirola Bull Ring


Bull Ring Description



Bull fights are normally on occasional Sunday evenings, the cheapest seats are in the sun and are around €45. The best seats are in the shade at around €95, with various seat prices in between.

Look out for posters around town, or ask at reception about the next fight.

Bull fighting for Brit's is extremely controversial with animal lovers trying to ban it.

Other events besides Bull fighting are held at the Bull Ring.

The Bull ring opened in 1962


Bull Ring Location



Located next to Bioparc

Address: C/ Camilo Jose Cela, 12 29640 Fuengirola, Spain

See Location of Bull Ring on our Fuengirola Map


Fuengirola Marina & Port

Fuengirola Marina Minarets

Fuengirola Marina Minarets

. Photo by __DODO



Fuengirola Marina & Port Description



The port is very lively with it's 2 sections, Fishing & Sports Marina


The local fishing fleet fish the local waters either during the day or at night. You can often see there lights out at sea during the night.

It is interesting to watch the fisherman unloading there catch or mending any torn nets.

Sports Marina

Besides have over 200 berths for private yachts & boats the marina has several commercial @trip@ boats where customers can go on a variety of different trips that include whale & dolphin watching, fishing, young fun, single or return trips to Benalmadena Marina, and plain sightseeing glass bottom boat trips.

Water Sports

  • Scuba diving
  • Para Sailing
  • Water skiing
  • Jet skis
  • And More

There is a English operated booking office for these activities plus various adventure style land bases activities, located near the left, as you approach, port entrance

Bars  Pubs Restaurants Nightlife

There are some good Bars, Pubs & Restaurants located at or next to the Port catering to both daytime & nightlife customers.

See our Fuengirola Bars Clubs & Pubs page


Fuengirola Marina & Port Location



Fuengirola Marina

More information Fuengirola Marina

Fuengirola Marina


See Location of Fuengirola Marina on our Fuengirola Map


Bioparc Fuengirola

Fuengirola Biopark Lemur

Fuengirola Biopark Lemur


Bioparc Description



The Bioparc is a modern zoo where the animals are located in natural looking enclosures.

There is a lack of iron bars, with animals separated from the public mainly by lowering the enclosure below the public walkways and introducing a water barrier.  Aquariums and some other animals are separated by glass.

There is a restaurant, toilets & children's play area within the park.



Baobab tree Enclosure



Make sure you visit the Baobab tree that is opened several times each day and allows a maximum number of visitors of around 50, at any one time.

Once inside you are amongst the animals, mainly lemurs.

The guide will warn you not to touch or feed the animals.

Entrance is through a locked doorway set into the large natural looking, but artificial Babab tree, nicknamed the upside down tree because it's branches look like roots because it is leafless for most of the year. The tree is the national tree of Madagascar.



Bioparc Location



Bioparc is located near the centre of Fuengirola, only 5 minutes walk from the Bus or train Station.


See Location of Bioparc on our Fuengirola Map


Town Museum Fuengirola



Town Museum Description




Town Museum Location



See Location of Town Museum on our Fuengirola Map


Fuengirola Bus Information, Bus Station & Bus Stops

Bus at Fuengirola Bus Station

Bus at Fuengirola Bus Station


Fuengirola Bus Station Description



Fuengirola Bus Station is operated by the Portillo bus company until 2013.

The bus station consists of a ticket office , toilets and a cafe.

The bus stops are located on the 2 streets adjoining the station



Fuengirola Bus Station Location



The main station is located in the centre of Fuengirola at the X roads junction of: Alfonso III, Avda Ramon Y Cajal & Avada. Matias Saenz de Tejada 100 metres south east of the railway station.

Main Bus Routes to/from Fuengirola



M 113 Malaga Direct (Bypasses Torremolinos)

M 220 Marbella onward connects to Estapona & Algeciras

M 122 Mijas

M 120 Torremolinos

Fuengirola Railway Information & Railway Stations

Fuengirola Train Station

Fuengirola Train Station is Underground. Entrance with Obelisk on Roundabout

Fuengirola Train Station Entrance

Fuengirola Train Station Entrance

Fuengirola Train Ticket Hall

Fuengirola Train Ticket Hall

Fuengirola Train Carriage

Fuengirola Train Carriage

Fuengirola Renfe Train

Fuengirola Renfe Train



Fuengirola Railway Description



Fuengirola is the terminus for the C1 Train Line between Fuengirola Malaga.

Trains are every 30 minutes.

Trains on this line all stop at Malaga Airport.



Fuengirola Railway Locations




Junction of Av. Jesuus Santos Rein / Av. Alcalde Clemente Diaz Ruiz

Entrance to the Underground station is on the pavement next to the tallest buiding facing the roundabout with it's central oblique

Los Boliches

Av. de Jesus Santos Rein



Fuengirola Railway Stations



  • Fuengirola.  The main station and the end of the line
  • Los Boliches. Serves the Los Boliches area of Fuengirola

The following 2 stations are in the north west outskirts of Fuengirola

  • Torreblanca
  • Carvaljal  This station is near the large sandy Carvaljal beach

Full list of all 19 Stations on the C1 Fuengirola Malaga line

Fuengirola Churches & Mosque

Fuengirola Church del Carmen

Fuengirola Church

Fuengirola Church


Fuengirola del Carmen Church Location



Located in Plaza de la Constitution

Fuengirola Church of Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Fuengirola Church of Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Nuestra Señora del Rosario)

Fuengirola Church of Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Nuestra Senora del Rosario)

Nuestra Senora del Rosario Description



Ensure you have a close look at the magnificently carved door with both images & wording


Church of Our Lady of the Rosary Location



Is a Catholic church in central Fuengirola

Calle Marconi, 30
Fuengirola, 29640 ES

Mesquita Sohail Mosque

Mesquita Sohail Mosque Description



Fuengirola Mesquita Sohail Mosque

Fuengirola Mesquita Sohail Mosque

The Fuengirola Mesquita Sohail Mosque is an Islamic temple built with funds boosted by Saudi Arabia  and opened by the Saudi Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz in 1983.

The mosque has a towering square minaret


Mesquita Sohail Mosque Location



located in Av de Sta. Amalia at the junction of Av de Miramar


See Location of Mesquita Sohail Mosque on our Fuengirola Map

Fuengirola Town Hall Old & New

Fuengirola Old Town Hall

Fuengirola Old Town Hall


Fuengirola New Town Hall

Fuengirola New Town Hall

More Fuengirola Photographs

FeatureFuengirola Obelisk

Fuengirola Obelisk Water Feature

Fuengirola Torso Statue

Fuengirola Torso Statue

Fuengirola Parque del Sol

Fuengirola Parque del Sol

Fuengirola Horse Fountain

Fuengirola Horse Fountain

Official Tourist Information Office

Fuengirola Tourist Office

Fuengirola Tourist Office.

Old office in centre, new office on the left.


Tourist Information Office Description



The office is now located in a new building immediately to the left of the old building


Tourist Information Office Location



The Official Tourist Information Office is located on Paseo Jesus Santos Rein 200 metres north east of Fuengirola Railway Station.


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