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Torremolinos Costa del Sol, Spain

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Torremolinos General Description


Torremolinos Promenade Cafe Bar

Torremolinos Promenade Cafe  Bar

You'll never be short of things to do inwith every amenity available including an Aquapark, golf, tennis and ten pin bowling! If you fancy venturing further a field the historical cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada are well worth a visit.

The old town of Torremolinos is built on a high hill with a gentle slope inland. On the seaward side of the old town is a shear high cliff, with houses, shopping centres, hotels,apartments and other buildings built to the very edge, in fact one is supported on concrete stilts. In front of the cliff bottom is a steepish slope for about 200 metres then a wide flat area, location of some of Torremolinos's hotels & apartments.

The main street of Torremolinos is the famous Calle St Miguel continues to the beach as Calle Cuesta del Tago. This is a pedestrian only narrow street absolutely packed with mainly tourists and also a large number of locals, not sure if these are true locals or spanish tourists. This is also the main route for pedestrians to the beach via either a steep zigzag street, Calle Cuesta del Tago, with lots of slopes and steps or a cliff lift.

To the west of the old town the land slopes down towards central Playa de la Carihuela


Cliff lift (ascensor)   Old Town to / from beach


View from alongside the Lift Top

View from alongside the Lift Top
Some idea of the cliff height can be gained by realising that you are looking down onto the 11 story building on the left Lift Top

Lift Top

Way to lift bottom

Way to lift bottom

See the sign on the left and above the garage door. At the top of the steps turn left and then right into side street, see next photo

Entrance to a short tunnel to the lift bottom on the left.

Entrance to a short tunnel to the lift bottom on the left.

The wire cage on right is a staircase, I dont think it is open to the public



Location of Lift

Top Level: The lift is set back from the road Calle de las Mercedes, around 100 200 metres to the east of where Calle Cuesta del Tag alongis a cliff lift (ascensor) €0.50 per journey. Well worth it after a long day in the sun on the beach. 

and located about 300 metres from the sea front at the foot of the cliffs.



The lift is not easy to see so look for directional signs.

See location on our Torremolinos Map  

Torremolinos Location

Torremolinos is the main resort on the Costa del Sol, in South East Spain

  • 12 kilometres west of Malaga.
  • 6 kilometres west of Malaga Airport

Package holiday Transfer time   20 to 45 minutes

Malaga Airport to Torremolinos

There is public transport buses or trains, from the airport to Torremolinos and Malaga and the short distance also makes taxis cheap.Another very convenient way is to use an airport to hotel or arpartment transfer service see next section:


Book Malaga Airport Transfer to from Torremolinos hotels 



Information   Price quote

Torremolinos Beaches

Boisterous, full of fun and noisy in high season, Torremolinos stretches for seven kilometres along the coast on either side of a rocky headland. Nothing is very far from a beach of  golden coloured sand, where water sports abound in mid summer, especially on the main beaches of El Bajondillo and La Carihuela.

The stretches of golden sand are interspersed with outcrops of rocks.

It was this large beach and the building of the big luxury hotels in a small quiet fishing village of Torre Molinos, named after it's flour mills, that started the mass tourism industry, for the working man, to Torremolinos in the 1950's. Mass tourism rapidly spread to other resorts in the area and the rest of Spain.

A selection of beach games, soccer and volleyball is available.  Besides the on beaches a greater variety of water sports is available at Benalmadena Marina at the nearby next door resort.

The beaches are listed in a west to east order


Playa del Saltillo beach, Torremolinos



This beach is the furthest beach to the west of Torremolinos and it continues into Benalmadena Marina


Playa de Montemar beach, Torremolinos



Located between


Playa de La Carihuela beach, Torremolinos



Boats on Carihuela beach, promenade virtualy on the beach

Boats on Carihuela beach, promenade virtualy on the beach

Carihuela promenade cafes, restaurants and bars

Carihuela promenade cafes, restaurants and bars


The terraces of these venues are ideal for people watching as they stroll up and down thre prom. Also good views of the beach


A very popular beach located in front of the old fishing village of La Carihuela which has managed to retain a lot of it's picturesque old charm & has managed to fight off a lot of the concrete jungle tower blocks further to the west in central Torremolinos

The beach is known for it's dramatic views and fascinating rock formations


The Headland of Castillo de Santa Clara Torremolinos



Playa del Bajondilla beach Torremolinos



Playa del Bajondilla Beach Sand Artist

Playa del Bajondilla Beach Sand Artist in the early stage of producing a sand masterpiece

 The sand artists can be found at intervals all along the beach imediatly in front of the promenard for maximum audiences, many throw money into the collection area.


Similar facilities to Playa de Playmar but also having sports facilities for windsurfing, sailing, diving and beach volleyball

On the above 2 beaches the demand for the sun loungers, beach chairs, and sun shade umbrellas that can be rented is very high in high season.

Arrive early for the best spots on the beach.

See location on our Torremolinos Map  


Playa de Playamar beach Torremolinos



Playamar beach

A narrow stretch of grass, palm trees, small water featurewith bridge and a Beach bar, Chinggay back the Playa de Playamar beach


Along with Playa del Bajondilla, Playa de Playmar are Torremolinos's most popular beaches. The beach also has a children's playground ,showers, car parking and facilities for the handy capped

See location on our Torremolinos Map  


Playa de Los Alamos beach Torremolinos



Los Alamos beach Chiringuitos

Los Alamos beach Chiringuitos

The old brightly covered boats outside many beach bars called Chiringuitos have been converted into barbques, generally they are cooking large sardines


For a quieter beach try Playa de Los Alamos beach again the beach has full tourist facilities. The further east you go the quieter the beach

See location on our Torremolinos Map  


Guadalmar beach Nude Beach



Torremolinos Malaga Nude Beach

Torremolinos Malaga Nude Beach

Parador Golf Malaga

Parador Golf Malaga



Beyond where the sea front road ends at Los Almos continue on the beach to where the golf courses are and beyond towards Guadalmar you will find a naturist beach and further along is a gay area of the beach.

This location is approximately 8km east of Torremolinos. There are beach bars at Los Almos, Torremolinas and at Guadalmar, but not inbetween


By road look for signs to Parador de Golf or Guadalmar.

Torremolinos Promenade

Torremolinos has a beautiful 7km sea front promenade running along along the beach.

Torremolinos Shopping

There's plenty of opportunity to stock up on souvenirs with many shops dedicated to the tourist. It would also be a shame to miss the market which takes place every Thursday morning near the old part of town known as "El Calvario".

Torremolinos Nightlife

With hundreds of bars and numerous clubs, the nightlife is partly what attracts so many visitors to Torremolinos You'll never be lost for somewhere to go when the sun goes down, with the partying non stop until the early hours.


Torremolinos Restaurants

As you'd expect of a busy tourist centre, Torremolinos has a host restaurants catering for every taste. If you would like something slightly more exclusive visit the Carihuela area and try some of the fish specialities and tapas dishes.


Torremolinos Attractions


Aqualand Water Park Torremolinos Aquapark




Aqualand Water Park Torremolinos

Aqualand Water Park Torremolinos



Calle Cuba 14, 29620 Torremolinos, Malaga    Next door to Crocodile park

See Aqualand Water Park location on our Torremolinos Map  

More information Aqualand Water Park 

Crocodile park Torremolinos



The largest crocodile in Europe

The largest crocodile in Europe

Baby crocodile nursery
Hold a live crocodile
Live shows or feeding
Pets corner

Opening time 10.00am
Closing time March, april, may, june, october, november: 6.00pm
July, august, september: 7.00pm
December, january, february: 5.00pm

Calle Cuba, 10, 29620 Torremolinos, Malaga    Next door to Aquapark

See location on our Torremolinos Map  


El Ranchito Horse riding show




The "Rhythm on Horse show" is an equestrian ballet of man and horse. The choreography fits the spanish music for an outstanding & unbelievable demonstration

See location on our Torremolinos Map  


Palacio de la Magic Magic show



This fabulous magic show has had to stop in it's 80 million euro venue, Palacio de la Magic, due to financial problems, but in true show business style "The show goes on" in it's new venue at Torrequebrada Hotel in next door Benalmadena Costa under the name of International Magic Show by Oscar, Renzo & Mara.

This talented trio have performed their act at the Ceasars Palace Hotel and Tropicana Hotel, both in Las Vegas, USA

International Magic Show, Hotel Torrequebrada, Sala fortuna, Avenida del Sol, 29630


Plaza de Toros Torremolinos Bull fighting



See location on our Torremolinos Map


Weather forecast in Torremolino

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Torremolinos Train Stations (Tren Estacion) Cercanias commuter rail line Renfe rail line



Torremolinos Old Town Train Station

Torremolinos Train Station


There are 4 RENFE train stations in Torremolinos all on the same line

Fuengirola Torremolonos Malaga Centro Alamedia


Old Town Rail Station is the main station and is located in , in the centre of the old town in Avenida Jesus Santos Rein. The station entrance which looks like a kiosk is located in a large wide square, see photograph above. The station is situated underground and is very similar to a London  tube Station.


The other 3 stations are normal ground level 2 platform stations.

Montemar Alto Rail Station and El Pinillo Rail Station are located to the West of Torremolinos Old Town

La Colina Rail Station and Los Alamos Rail Station are located to the East of Torremolinos Old Town.

Railway map Costa del Sol Cercanias commuter rail line Renfe rail line


Railway map Costa del Sol

The lines are run by Cercanias commuter rail line Cercanias Malaga a division of RENFE and is basically a commuter rail network


C 1(along Costa del Sol)



Raiway Stations along the coast

  • Centro Alameda
  • Malaga railway station (Renfe)
  • San Andrés
  • Guadalhorce
  • Terminal Carga
  • Airport (Aeropuerto)
  • San Julián
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Los Álamos
  • La Colina
  • Torremolinos
  • Montemar Alto
  • El Pinillo
  • Benalmadena Arroyo de la Miel
  • Torremuelle
  • Carvajal
  • Torreblanca
  • Los Boliches
  • Fuengirola


C 2 Inland from Malaga



Raiway Stations heading Inland

Onward connections to Cordaba and other Cities

  • Malaga railway station (Renfe)
  • Los Prados
  • Campanillas
  • Cártarna
  • Aljaima
  • Pizarra
  • Alora



See location of the 4 Torremolinos Train Stations on our Torremolinos Map  



Torremolinos Bus Station (Terminal Autobus)  Portillo



Torremolinos Bus Station

Torremolinos Bus Station


The bus station (Terminal Autobus) is located in Calle Hoyo, a one way street, therefore buses traveling to Malaga byepass the bus station & travel along the next street closer to the coast, Calle de la Cruz. The bus stop is in front off Centrol Cultural Pablo Picasso.


When getting on a bus at a bus station, sometimes you have to buy your bus ticket at the bus station, and other times you can get it on the bus.

There are several buses a day from Madrid and frequent bus services from the nearby towns and cities.

Most buses are operated by Portillo & bus fares are far less than in the UK

Daibus service  use the Routes & Timetable (Rutas y Horarios) Link for useful information. Although in Spanish these pages are reasonably understandable.


Alsina Graells is an Bus service serving Andalucia.


Alsa is Spain's largest bus company for inter town travel

See location on our Torremolinos Map 


Weather in Torremolinos




Torremolinos Tourist Information Office

Plaza Pablo Picasso, which is just north of Plaza Costa del Sol

Torremolinos Town Hall, Plaza Blas Infante, 1 Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain                           Phone: 952 379 512

Plaza de las Comunidades Autonomas, 29620 Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain    Phone: 952 371 909
Near Bajondillo/Playamar beaches

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